e-Gold Founders Face Prison for Money Laundering

e-Gold Founders Face Prison for Money Laundering -

Everyone knows who PayPal is.  Do you know who competes against PayPal (and I use this term very loosely, since they dominate the market)? I did a search just a few minutes to see who's in business still, and which ones have gone by the wayside. It's a volatile market - very few companies that start up in that space are reputable, or if they are they aren't well funded enough to stay in business until they gain traction.

Favtape Creates Mixtapes from Your Pandora and Last.fm Accounts

Favtape Creates Mixtapes from Your Pandora and Last.fm Accounts -

Favtapeis another new mixtape creation site, but its standout feature is its automation process, which creates a mixtape based off songs you've listened to onPandora, or those you've favorited onLast.fm. Provide Favtape with your Pandora URL or your Last.fm username, and a mixtape will automatically be created for you with a unique URL that can be accessed anytime.

Will FriendFeed Forever Be a Niche Service?

Will FriendFeed Forever Be a Niche Service? -

Just to get this out of the way right from the start– I am a big fan ofFriendFeed. It is one of the primary tools I use every day as a blogger. It is a tool that I would sorely miss if it ever went away for whatever reason. That said I don't think that FriendFeed as it is now will ever make it past being an excellent niche service and into the eyes of the mainstream Web user.

Will the iPhone Kill Radio? Will Qik Kill the Competition? (video)

Will the iPhone Kill Radio? Will Qik Kill the Competition? (video) -

Can a phone kill an industry? What's Qik offering, now that they're in public beta? These are the questions we tackle on today's Mashable Conversations.  Sean and I were both intrigued by the fervor and discussion generated around my recent editorial on whether I thought theiPhone would kill terrestrial radio. The response to the article was thunderous and inconclusive.  Just as many folks thought that I was right as thought that terrestrial radio has done a decent enough job of killing itself.

It's a popular topic, too.  This weekend's Elite Tech News show focused on this topic as well for a good portion of the program, and most of the panel disagreed with me on my hypothesis, though for a number of reasons ranging fromLouis Gray's opinion that no technology ever truly kills another toSteven Hodson's proposition that mobile smartphone technology will never be truly ubiquitous.

Sean and I spend a good deal of time hashing out the various thesii put forth here and there before taking some time out to speak with Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy about today's launch of Qik into open beta status.

He told us about a number of new upgrades that come out with this version of the service, including what was most exciting to us, a number of new distribution partners.  As we've talked about before, CoverItLive now supports Qik (amongst a number of other live streaming ser

Ori Brafman, Co-Author of 'Sway' Live Q&A Tuesday at 2pm PDT

Ori Brafman, Co-Author of 'Sway' Live Q&A Tuesday at 2pm PDT -

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 22 at 2:00PM PDT (5:00PM EDT),Ori Brafman, co-author of Sway, will be chatting live with Authors@Mashable onMashable’s Y! Live channel.

This is the third installment of our Sway three part series. If you missed the first two be sure to check out Brafman’spersonal introductionand post onVC Irrationality.

Anyone who has not yet read Sway, can check out thefirst chapter for freeor purchase it onlinehere.

*The video will be broadcast live on Mashable, but you must log intoMashable’s Y! Live Channelto chat with Ori and Rom Brafman.

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Web Directions Hits Sydney in September

Web Directions Hits Sydney in September -

Returning to Sydney Australia in September for the 5th year,Web Directions South‘08once again features a two day conference of leading international and local experts in web design and development, two days of in depth workshops, parties, receptions and other networking events. Featured speakers this year include

Speakers include Jeffrey Veen, Derek Featherstone, Daniel Burka, Douglas Crockford, Jeff Croft, and Lynne D Johnson, who will cover front and back end web development, web app security, web design, interaction design, and much more.

Come and join fellow web professionals from all over Australia and all over the world in Sydney. The conference and expo will be held on September 25th and 26th at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Parkside. There will be relevant workshops on September 23rd and 24th at the PowerHouse Museum.

Mashable readers will receive a further $50 off the already great value price, making it just $795 before July 23rd. Just use the code WDS08-Mash when registering.

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Is Internet Radio on its Last Legs?

Is Internet Radio on its Last Legs? -

Choosing a radio station was once a right of passage for the American adolescence. It was what bound you to your friends, disassociated you from your parents and attracted to you whatever partner had the misfortune to have you. Regional in range, determined by frequency, traditional radio was completely national in scope, cities to suburbs, Natick to Nashville. And then, like with the overnight successes the medium helped popularize, everything seemed to decline.

Traditional radio has been in a steady fall for nearly a decade. While it still remains a 21 billion dollar industry, the time spent listening to radio has fallen somewhere to the tune of 8 percent since 2000, according toArbitron, a firm that measure radio audiences. This steady drop in listenership has forced terrestrial radio stations to program music that can appeal to the broadest of audiences, disenfranchising both music fans and emerging artists, and helping to foster the growth of satellite and Internet radio.

“Internet radio has redrawn the whole radio landscape,” said Tim Westergren, a founder ofPandora, a leading Internet radio company.“It provides a more fulfilling radio experience and a mass promotion for artists being shut out of terrestrial radio.”

The metrics are in agreement with Westergren, Internet radio captures 33 million listeners per week, according to Arbitron, and nearly 15 % of 18 to 49 year olds tune in to Internet radio on a weekly basis. Internet radio companies, such as Pandora,Last.fmandSlackeroffer a personalized radio experience which gives its listeners

GoDaddy on .ME: 'The Most Successful New Domain Launch in History'

GoDaddy on .ME: 'The Most Successful New Domain Launch in History' -

Talk about bravado. Four days after launching the .me domain extension and inciting a virtual riot among customers,GoDaddyis toting the success of what it calls“the most successful new domain launch in GoDaddy's history.” The basis for that claim? More than 20,000 .Me domain names were registered in the first 24 hours of availability, according to the company.

As we reported last week, the.Me launch was riddled with technical problems, including as many of 8 or 9 people claiming to hold receipts for the domain name Aweso.me. To its credit, GoDaddy responded quickly to the problems, issuing refunds to effected customers and making personal phone calls to many of them (a voicemail from a GoDaddy rep left withAndy Bealcan be heardhere). But that has done little to qualm the anger of many of those that thought they were the new owner of potentially lucrative .Me names.

In a press release this morning, the company acknowledges the technical issues they encountered upon launch, but actually uses the“it's a nice problem to have” cliché, with CEO Bob Parsons stating “In spite of a few early difficulties - GoDaddy.com successfully processed a huge, record-setting level of registrations. To the best of our knowledge, there have never been more registrations handled in one day during theordinary course of businesses by any registrar in history.”

Realistically, I don't think there is that much GoDaddy could have done to prevent the issues it encountered as domain speculators raced to buy up premium .Me domains upon launch. However, given the frustration and confusion caused on launch day, I think the celebration dance would've best been kept internal.

Go Daddycompany profile provided byTradeVibes

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